In another industry first, we are proud to release the first-ever RPG (role playing game) inspired game. Designed to be HTML5 mobile-perfect for handheld gaming, the player takes the role of the game’s hero, with a third-person fully 3D camera tracking the player’s adventure throughout the game.

Despite the RPG elements and truly immersive gameplay, Dungeon: Immortal Evil stays true to its game-based origins – all wins and losses are RNG-based, no skills or knowledge can help – it all comes down to the luck of the and the RNG algorithm.


In our most explosive epic yet, we bring you Nuke World, a post-apocalyptic tale that is sure to get the pulses racing! With comic-book inspired characters each with their own radiation spawned superpowers doing battle, come with us on an immersive dive into an alternative future.

A match-3, 7-reel game with wilds, random events and bonus features galore, Nuke World is meticulously designed, fully-HD ready and developed with mobile gaming in mind.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like in space?

Our 5 Starmallows are building a supersonic rocket to see it for themselves! With each Scatter Symbol, the rocket prepares for the Free Game, where the road to space begins.

The more Scatter Symbols the team gets, the further it goes into space and the bigger the Multiplier becomes!

Play ‘Rocket Stars’ to become a Rocket Star and conquer space with our team of Starmallows!